Inside the Woodworker’s Workshop with @mokkouyamagen

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“The beautiful texture and grain of wood cannot be made by human hands,” says woodworker Genki Nishiyama (@mokkouyamagen) of Yokohama, Japan. Genki, who worked at a furniture factory for nearly 10 years, turned a worn-down warehouse into his own workshop to become an independent furniture maker and delve deeper into the craft.

“Solid wood continues to expand and contract with humidity, even after they are made into furniture,” Genki explains of the challenges he faces. “In a country like Japan where the four seasons bring rapid changes in the atmosphere, you really have to anticipate the arching movements of the wood in order to prevent the furniture from breaking.”

On Instagram, Genki likes to document not only the end products but also the tools and environment inside the workshop. “The heart and artistry of many people go into a product when it’s being made, and I think people will enjoy exploring that creation process.”